Sunday, November 3, 2013

I miss her everyday!!!

Life can be beautiful and it can also be strange and hard at times. Life is not always as expected as roses in beds. Being far from everyone one is my greatest challenge in life i had ever faced. Leaving behind my loved ones and coming to a foreign place is self unforgiving.
Life in Delhi seemed strange in many ways and it would be hard to forget also. I count my days wishing to pass fast but not realizing my days to spent in this world is getting numbered. It seemed to me that i am nothing without anyone and my life had no meaning.

Ever since you were born, life gave me new meaning. I left you half born in your mother's womb but i had no choice. In this ever changing world, there can be no life without a good quantity of educational background. Taking my parent's as a guide to success, i decided to take up studies though you were excited to see this world. Days added by and months ended like those fast driving rivers. The day finally approached for mother to risk her all life to bring you in this world. The sparkling news rang my ears saying you came to this most beautiful world.
Tears rolled down my pale oily cheeks not knowing what to do. It was a tear of uncontrollable happiness and greatest gift from above. The news brightened my room and emotions came out without limitations. I thanked above for sending me such a biggest ever gift and promised to care and love the gift.

The first moment i saw my little daughter tears rolled down my cheeks again. The happiness inside made me hold and stay with my daughter for hours but it was as short as a shooting star in clear dark sky. My pursuance to education always barred me from staying with my sweetest little heart. Time ran without my notice and it always made me ill when i depart from her.
My little heart is really a blessing and a gift from heaven. Indeed even the gods are crying for dropping such a beautiful angel on earth. Every day i see you growing and making so many moves and i miss you every day Pema Yeetsho Seldoen. I miss you every moment and i curse myself for not being able to be beside you.
Though left in far flung place with thousands of miles, yet you are so near to me. I see you everyday with me and you are near to me. I promised myself to remain with you for the rest of my life and to guide you in every decision. My world would be a nasty without you and the world would be a living hell for me. I live very far and i miss you every moment but a life without struggle would mean no charm in life. Where there is no struggle, there cannot be joy. A success man succeeds trying every impossible things and a joy comes from the struggles we face.
At this stage you don't know what i feel but your absence makes me sad and dull every day. My only wish is to bind you, mummy and myself together for the rest of my life. A endless joy and a fruitful relationship. Your father is missing you so much and hoping to be beside you soon. My simple prayer is to stay together and i shall keep nothing and give everything. I miss you my little angel Pema Yeetsho Seldoen and may god bless us and bind us together soon. Daddy always love you and missing you so much!!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wealth isn't everything, according to Law and Justice Minister

"Your bank balance may depreciate but your good deed will never be vanished" says the Minister of Law and Justice and Minister for Information and Technologies when he inaugurated the campus function. H.E Shri Kapil Sibal was the guest of honor and first of its kind to visit the campus and deliver such an inspiring speech.

The minister was the first guest lecturer to visit our law faculty. His excellency was the alumni of the Campus Law Centre and has strong sense of attachment with the campus. Shri Kapil Sibal was a senior advocate and very prominent figure in India's courts before joining politics. He was being referred as one of the few advocates that had transit the healthy and tight legal systems in the country.

The auditorium stood in silence as His Excellency entered the hall. The day began with the lighting of lamp by the Hon'ble chief guest and other dignitaries. The hall stood in silence as the guest occupied the podium. The actual session roared and our guest gave his very best encouraging words on how to overcome challenges and become a successful lawyer. H.E encouraged the young bloods to take up the challenging profession. He never denied the difficulties faced being a lawyer. However, he also remarked on the knowledge and satisfaction that one earns by becoming a lawyer.

Though i was exhausted with classes, his aspiring words made me energetic and attentive. His Excellency talked about his early life and not forgetting the hardships he faced as a lawyer. He mentioned few of many lawyers succeeded when they are optimistic and ready for challenges. He said law profession as different from many other professions. However, success follow when you work hard, read and be brave to face challenges.

I remember his excellency talking about how he took his first case and argued before the Supreme court of India. It was his first case and first to appear before the apex court. I could recollect H.E mentioning that he spend months in gathering evidence. The actual trial took more than 8 months and his first case decided his future in the field of law. He says the case was an election dispute that arose by way of giving bribe. The petitioner was his friend who was not given the opportunity to contest for elections from his constituency. The ironic and funny thing his excellency shared was not being paid for his work. Though not happy from inside but acceptance was the ultimate thing you can ask for, he said.

Another point i took a note was to render free legal service who are ignored of law. This service of free legal to the society as suggested by the guest began to feel me uneasy. The fundamental principles of natural justice was to treat everyone equal before law. Equality doesn't mean to treat everyone equal with wealth and power but most importantly to treat poor people equally and treat rich differently. Even the Constitution and Code Procedure gives every citizen a right to free legal aid. The only question that remain is are we actually following the principles laid in law?? In other words, are free legal aid provided to those who are not in position to hire their own lawyer??? My answer always remained in negative regardless of provisions reflected in law.

In this materialistic world nothing is free, all that matters is money. The desire backed by greed never let the humanity help poor. The desire to accumulate more and source of not getting as desired always let the human suffer. The task as said by our guest was true that most are ignored of law but who are ready to hold their hand and give justice. The laws in book provided sections for free legal aid but the practitioners seem to forget about rendering it. The simple answer would be, if we know the basic purpose of life. However this simple question remained as one of the biggest unsolved one in legal jurisprudence.

His excellency also touched upon how to present your case. A suit according to him was like a garden for lawyers where so many fruits are grown. The principle of law is to have free trial and convict the offender or otherwise, to have fair and justice, a fair trial followed by justice. Fair and Justice is said to be achieved when a lawyer presents his case in a very healthy way. Presenting a very good case before the judge stands very important as the judgment will be affected from the facts of the case.

I also remember his excellency reminding us not to upset the judge. A smile within followed as this sparkled into my ears. A similar if not exactly, encountered with me while representing a government case in Bhutan. With limited law knowledge and presenting corruption case before the court was the toughest task. A scream by a judge or rejecting our submissions hated the job at times, if not always. I remember quarreling with one of the judge and my response annoyed him the most. Thank god! I escaped the punishment for not maintaining the ethics and Code of conduct. It was always with the judge to dismiss our petition and punish us for Contempt of court but provided with reasonable justifications.

The other interesting topic was to accept own fault. His excellency cited one of his famous case in this regard. He remarked the saying of one judge in that case " when a judge knows he made a mistake, he should accept his mistake," This was such a remarkable thing i mummered. How far and how many of us in reality accepts our own fail? How far do judges accept their mistakes. A mistake by judge will ruin the lives of innocent people. I just wished if judges are welcoming enough to accept the mistake for betterment of some innocent people. Nobody is perfect that's why law came to our rescue but what, if that way is grabbed?

Finally, the law minister encouraged all the enthusiastic young lawyers to cultivate good things and become good human being. He talked that being good human does not necessarily involves giving every thing, but to the contrary the biggest gift you can give is JUSTICE. His excellency repeatedly advised us to help those poor and needy people. He said,"you may not have good bank balance or almost nil but your good deed will never be vanished." The biggest wealth you can give to human is justice. The innocent people suffer because of some act by miscreants. He said to be very smart and keep learning. The hour long talk gave rays of hope to young lawyers who will be practising soon.

 Amongst many remarks thrown in the hall, i try to build all my life is to help others. The concept of helping other and being kind is one of the basic teachings of Buddha. Bhutan, being a country blessed by the teachings of Buddha we are taught to help others. But to everyone's surprise, this context just remained as an illusionary concept. Desires, greed, ignorance and many other factors seemed to have destroyed the true concept.

The materialistic world always keep us thinking on how to acquire more wealth and thus, becoming more cruel. I shall learn to live the world with limits and treasure good deeds. This concept of helping others not only keep ourselves within the paradigm of teachings of Buddha but also upholds the basic concept of law. Cultivating to help other in Buddhism and rendering fair and justice in law both have same ending. Religion controls the inner acts while law controls the physical negative act. A country is strong when there is strong law and strong judiciary. There can be a free society if laws are strong. The law however should not differentiate, doing so, do not fulfill the nature of law. The law is not law until through fair proceedings justice is justified keeping in line the rule of law.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Journey in the woods

The world can be so beautiful that we often fail to appreciate their beauty. Nature has given us so much yet we blame for not having enough. The world has now become too small and thin that it has hardly any natural resources left to enjoy. I have lived for more than a year in this 2.5 billion populated country and the moment i step forward i just keep my self wondering around. The day i took shelter in this largest sovereign democratic country, i was chasing for something new. I use to gaze out from the moving vehicle and search for some natural sites. I was probably looking for some hills and green vegetation with natural habitants. To my astonishment my question remained unanswered until my recent visit to north west of the continent, Himachal Pradesh.

The day of our journey to the hilly landscape began. I was accompanied by my three friends who are pursuing LL.B at Delhi University. We went to the bus station as instructed by our friends from Shimla. we all are heading for the first time and we were unaware of train facilities. The day was fine and an excitement grew in the sky. The excitement kept us alive to take up the journey. The bus we were traveling was reasonable and provided with air conditioning facilities not to upset the travellers.

The bus stood on its gear and the journey began with smiles on four of our face. The bus roared through the busy and noisy city traveling in full gear. All people and in particular four of us were staring out through the large sound proof windows enjoying the scenario. As the bus went by, we passed through the green paddy fields, thick jungles, village areas, graveyards, mosque, temples, industry sites amongst many. The green paddy reminded me of my small native land, Bhutan and my peaceful village Punakha. People in Bhutan grow rice and is indeed their main cash crop in western region. My illusion dragged back to my village and i felt i was back to my country. I kept seeing outside and that resulted my eyes feel heavy and sleepy. The bus played no music so i got my phone and was enjoying music and i felt asleep. In my sleep i felt the bus was gearing slowly and at once i opened up my eyes. I was right! The bus reached at a place surrounded by green paddy and a one single storey house serving as hotels for travelers.

We reached in Haryana and the bus stopped at for lunch. We didn't know until the sign boards showed us. Still drizzling, we got out and stayed outside the hotel. We were sitting outside the dhabha which was roofed to prevent sun rays. Each one of us placed order for rice but different curry. Some few moments later, a man placed a steel plate with roti and we are left in confusion. Hesitantly we asked to one of the waiter about our rice but to our astonishment he replied there is hardly any rice.

We are left with limited options, either to eat what they have provided us or go empty stomach. We certainly knew the journey would be hard and tiring one, so we had those rotis and left the chicken curry uneaten. We enjoy indian foods but we always preferred our Bhutanese rice and curry when we travel. We went to counter to clear our bills and that even surprised all of us. Its not because we didn't want to pay but because of the fact that they charge more knowing we are new. Huh!!! What a cheat i thought unable to digest their demands. Is this a culture, i thought??? Shopkeepers increase price looking at customers face, auto drivers drive long way to charge high, rickshaw pullers pretend!!! These thinking made me missed my country so much. Having no option, keeping silent and getting frustrated with peoples around, we searched our pockets to pay the bill. Still not believing with the price, we asked for bill receipt and they did provided as if the bill was true. We asked the bill which in reality would be of very little use but to make them little uneasy but it made them no hesitation in providing the bill.

The journey continued and i was always keeping my self alert and looking at maps. Its not because of bad road condition but we are told by the people at the counter to catch another bus from a place called Ambhala. We all believed to every word they spoke and we followed the directions provided. I was using my mobile as a guide and a map guider. After traveling some distance, some people in the bus gathered their belongings but we were not sure where we actually reached. We hesitantly asked the bus driver and we are told we reached to our said destination and we must get off the bus.

We got off the bus and in a moment few auto drivers came asking about our destination. We looked around and what we saw was endless highway and a vast barren land. Some few meters away were some settlements. That settlement was Ambhala and we not even in proper Ambhala. Alas!!! I thought the people at the terminal again fooled us in healthy manner. Anger occupied my mind and deep,bloody face poured out still we left no option but to be determinate in order to reach our destination. With out wasting much time, we said we are heading towards Shimla and they said we are still far from Shimla. We got inside an auto and that took us to the nearest bus station. We did not believed any of these people around but the options are very limited. My watch rang its 4:10pm and the long distance gave me kind of nervousness within but was determined to overcome it.

The auto took us to a place where ordinary buses wait for passengers underneath a flyover bridge. We got out and looked out and again we came to know we are just near that station and auto driver took the long way to claim high fare. Buses piled up like swamps and it was one of the most busy terminal i have ever seen. People run along with bus and what surprised me more is lack of proper bus terminal and no sign board either.

Four of us were lost the moment we saw many buses without any sign boards. Facing the difficulties encountered earlier, we did not hesitate to ask the localities about the bus towards Shimla. The good news sparkled into my ears. We are told that the bus to Shimla is coming in a moment. We are happy to hear but which bus??? Countless buses, thousand passengers, drozen cheaters made us very sick. Uneasiness and nervousness surrounded me in a crowd, dusty and noisy area not knowing which bus to catch.

Several buses came and gone, people jumped inside the bus like monkeys changing from one branch to another. We are left nowhere and seems lost in that place. I looked at my watch and we wasted one hour searching for bus to Shimla. My mind full of curse and hatred occupied for people those cheated us.

Still standing at that passerby, we were worried as we are still half way. At that moment a tall man with 6" plus, finely dressed, looks like in early twenties called us from behind. All of us looked at him as we are expecting someone to help and show us the exact bus to Shimla. For us we wanted to be sure that we are not cheated again. His voice showed some kind of passion and pity one though we thought not to trust any strangers. Wearing a fine black trouser and a printless white collar shirt, he said "Woh bus Shimla tak jayen gi" meaning that bus is going to Shimla. Huh!!! I was very happy within and thought as if god had answered my prayers. Thanking him from far we got nearby bus and asked again whether the bus was heading to Shimla ??? yes it was. We rushed inside horribly and occupied our seats. There were so many people with different character. Some were drunk, some looked at us in a strange way while others were sleeping as if they owned the bus. We at started our journey in ordinary bus where there was no proper windshields.

I was always with my mobile looking at maps and at the same time looking through glassless window to make sure that my mobile provided right map and direction. After miles of travel, we approached to a place called as Bhagat Singh Nagar. Remembering the film of 'The Legend of Bhagat Singh', i was sure we are in Punjab. My presumption was right and i thought every thing is a guide if we use it in a said manner. We reached in Chandigarh bus terminal and some passengers left while some new faces occupied new seats. We are seated in our seats not to miss the second chance.

The bus boarded from the terminal and the journey continued. The sun occupied the west region and the moon stood on its throne. As we moved on gearing fast, some tiny hills started to pope out like lotus flower pushing through the muddy soils. I thought, India is such a endless and vast country and within hours we are into the hills from noisy plain city. As we moved on the height of hills seem to get taller and taller

After few miles the world outside turned dark as if a large dark blanket was poured. Everything turned very dark outside except the black painted road in front. My mobile was also in verge of getting off for not recharging batteey fully. My friend in Shimla advised me to get off at a place called Vidhan Sahva and i copied his number in one of my friend's phone.

As the journey continued i could see many hills. I started going back to my country and compare with that in India. Through the half opened window i took the fresh and clean air of the great Himalayas. The fresh air bought some smells of vegetation along with it. I could smell the teak bark, bamboos, Sal and others and that made me a flashback to where i belong. The mountains are decorated with countless lights like the stars in the dark clear sky. It felt to me like some festivals are to happen in next few hours.

I called my friend Dorji Wangdi who was eagerly waiting for my call. Dorji Wangdi commonly known as 'dophu rai' amongst us was my college friend and indeed a good friend of mine. He joined the Royal Audit Authority after completing his Post Graduation in Financial Management. He was in Shimla for more than a year and always invited me to join him. He was training at the National Academy of Audits and Accounts (IAAS), Shimla. He is upgrading his audit knowledge and furthermore to learn from the highly intellectual professors from India. What makes me smile is the way when Dorji makes everyone laugh. He is a man filled with humour and a smile on his face. He will always find time to make people smile around and most people find him funny and adorable for his humour character.

Though he is much privileged to be in one of the finest training institutions, he had made lots of sacrifices like me. Leaving behind a day old daughter, a caring wife and a loving family was his toughest decisions. When i look at him I could feel the pains and sufferings he experiences though he seems hide under his bolt fatty body. A responsible and caring father like Dorji had even taught other trainee officers in IAAS how to live life with love, care and responsible man.

The late night journey hampered us not knowing where exactly where we reached. Our worry and past experience did not kept us in silent. We almost asked everyone sitting near to our seats but no one gave us a satisfying conclusion. A saying in Bhutanese goes, "u pray to god, u will never loose bet" and i thought this saying was true. A man in his forties sitting just infront said that we haven't reached our place. He came to our rescue otherwise we would have got off few miles away. He advised us not to panic instead he is willing to help us. I thanked him and introduced my self at the same moment.

My friend Dorji rang back again and i responded we will be there within few minutes. I knew we are very much near to our place as the mans appearance seems to talk us that we have reached the place. We were standing near the exit door and trying to capture some images outside. Just then I saw Dorji leaning over an iron fence just above the road side. My happiness couldn't keep me at bay and at once i shouted at the driver to stop the bus. What a relief and what a journey i thought. Long night and never reaching journey up in the mountains was just memorable one. Finally we are in Shimla....

Huh... What a trying journey i said to him, my friend Dorji.... but then he started his humor. He was accompanied by another Bhutanese officer much senior to us but he seems to be a gentleman too. Known as Kinzang Wangchuk, he was too patient waiting for four of us and that made us very happy and gay. He also works for RAA and i see him a man with completeness. His speech, dress up and friendly conduct made us adapt with him immediately.

The weather reminded me of Bhutan as it was kind of cold. As we moved on through the quiet and peace hilly area, my mind seems to be singing for admiration for mother nature. We entered the Academy boundary and it was so calm and peace that even a dropping of dried leave was heard. What a place I thought, so peace surrounded by trees, its as if i was taking journey in the woods.

The IST rang 11:30 and all of us were exhausted especially Yangchen had a tough time. I felt so sorry for her but we had no options. She had some difficulties and she avoided to talk with us. She went all cold night opening the half broken window. I was just behind her and the cold breeze nearly turned me half ice. We entered the IAAS trainee officers room and it was very nice. Two beds, flat LCD TV, two chairs, one table, fixed line phone and a bathroom attached to it. What can they expect i thought. They are indeed more luxurious than home because they have servants at their door steps. These people do all kinds of room services and bring meals inside their room if they wish to.

We are cordially invited for dinner in the dinning room. Four of us entered the dinning room quitely as if we are afraid to disturb some sleeping dogs. OMG!!! I looked at the dinning room and it looked much better than my sitting room back home. It was properly maintained with one TV, glass tables, portraits, spongy sofas amongst many. The dinner was very nice one. The hunger did not stop us from having as much as we could until we are satisfied. Some good desserts were also served before we left the room.

We were escorted to the guest room where my three friends are supposed to spend night during their stay at Shimla. Dorji opened the door and it was simply amazing. I couldn't believe my eyes and i looked at the facilities provided in guest room. I went to think directly whether a person who pays several thousands could avail such a facility???? The room was big with a double bed size with fully maintained. A WiFi connected desktop, LCD TV, water boilers, tables and chairs were some facilities that caught my attention.

Outside the guest room stands a very well maintained open ground covered with green grass. The guest room was decorated with flowers and foreign herbs hanging like about to commit suicide.

The night was awesome one. It was indeed first time I saw thousand of stars after coming to India. I was in Dorji's room as he was alone. The meeting of friends after long time kept us late night sharing every topic. We stood awake till our eyes could hold us. That was an aweful night with cool temperature and that made me sleep well all night.

The new day started with new plans, new hopes and excitements. As usual we had our breakfast and indeed a very heavy one as if we had gone without food for months. Pouch egg, milk mixed with flakes, roti, apples,,,,, . Our two friends had already decided before our trip began.

As a Buddhist and being devoted to Buddha and its teachings, we visited to a sacred place in Shimla known as Kusum toe. A local bus took us to Kusum toe and the Buddhist institute was a magnificent one. The monastery was located few miles away from IAAS campus. Located just below road, the whole area was very peace. Though it was located on steep slope, it still roar high in air. The institute was one of the main seats for nyingmapa sects and believed to be a sacred place in Shimla. We offered our prayers and we are lucky that as the day was auspicious one, some offerings in the monastery was going on. I prayed for the ever lasting peace and harmony all over and with a much hope to visit again. My prayer to follow the teachings of Buddha and its path. The monks stood aside staring at us when we took photos to keep as a memoirs. A very young monk may be just five year old happen to be from Bhutan. It surprised me to see such a child joining as monk and staying very far parents. Thoughts resembled me thinking how brave is the boy!!! This taught me about impermanence of life and further to live independently. This consolidated me as i always missed my families back home.

The day was cool and we still wanted to visit some places. We are told that our two friends will again take to the famous Shimla Mall. Excitements grew amongst us . We wanted to know and experience the kind of mall at Shimla. Unlike the malls we have in Delhi, the malls in Shimla are actually small shops on the side of the road showcasing the best products. There isn't any large buildings, nor we saw any elevators or any security guards at the exit doors except for few. The mall was located at a gentle sloppy area and that attracted thousand of people from nearby and some tourists. The best thing about the mall is a free vehicle area. Vehicles are not permitted to enter the mall area and people roam freely on road taking snaps.

The goods attracted us but our budget constraint made us look at the products only. We had lunch from a Chinese restaurant and the quality of food served was superb. We had many items starting from porridge to fried rice, drinks, noodles and many more. The price was reasonable and it didn't cost much for six people. In reality it was much cheaper in mall area than the one we paid in one of the dhabha. I always thought it was a good lesson but a harsh experience. You learn from your mistakes and nobody is perfect. A person who never makes mistakes are those who never try new things.

The heavy lunch made all of us lazy and restless but the beauty of nature pushed us to explore more. Thousands of people populated the vehicle free road and all people seems busy in their own little ways. Some were seen with families while others walked holding hand. I missed my only loving and caring wife not being near by me. I thought my trip would have been a long memorable one, had my wife been with me. The area was so packed and it was famous at the same time after shooting of a blockbuster film 3 Idiots in Shimla. We went to that place and took many snaps knowing we wont be able to come on our own. We all had a great time snapping and seeing around. The hilly area with civilizations on slope area made visitors take nice shots to keep as memories.

The day was late afternoon and we were exhausted but still our mind made no move to go back and rest. Still not believing some of the structures built during the British rule, we continued to see things around. After enjoying so much, we headed back to Yarrows, another name for IAAS. The body language showed all of us were tired and we certainly needed some rest. We all went to our respective rooms.

The evening came without any warning. The next thing was to explore the academic blocks in IAAS, so that one day in the near future Bhutan can also have one of such kind. The classes are good one, spacious and clean. Besides their daily training, so many sporting facilities are equipped. Gyms for body builders, tennis for game lovers, squash and many. The main way to academic block took around ten minutes with more than 200 cemented steps.

It was  a blessing in disguise for Bhutanese to be a part of this famous and well equipped academy. Considerably learning from one of the best institution can surely bring change for Bhutan and its people. We came back and was sitting in an open grassland where their attendees bought evening tea for us. We had a nice talk and believed ourselves that "there is no substitute for hard work". We touched every topic from politics to breaucaeats, from training life to college life, personal talks and sometimes unwanted jokes to keep us focus and enjoy our talk.

The day ended with delicious dinner and all of us preferred to go to bed early. As i lay in my bed, many thinking came to my mind though i hardly had any solution. I thought whether i will be ever in position to repay back to my country??? How and till how long will i be able to serve my country??? Am i not privileged to have come here and pursue my study??? Will i always stand for my country to defend and serve Tsa Wa Sum ??? These are the questions that remained with limited answers but i was always optimistic to solve and answer it one fine day.

The days at Shimla ended as if i was watching a short documentary film. The day came for us to return back with heavy hearts and not wishing to come back. Mr. Dorji was really kind enough that he arranged institute car to drop us till bus terminal. A day of hope and a tie of friendship remained undisturbed. A trip to remember and a day to cherish. We are very much thankful to Mr. Dorji Wangdi and Mr. Kinzang Wangchuk for making our trip a memorable one. The support rendered by them is far from measurable and beyond expression but we will always remember your great hospitality. The trip that will always be remembered and remind ourselves the time of togetherness.

The journey back to Delhi started from Shimla and it took some ten hours to get back to the nosiest and busiest city. As we approached the line of Delhi, hot air started to pass through the small open windows like hot vapours rising out of the boiled water. The hot air made me sick again and unhealthy smells like decomposed materials passed through the windows. As we got off the bus, it was much hotter outside and within few minutes sweats grew from my body.

We are finally to our place a small apartment with just two rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet. Ants ran through our beds during day and mosquitoes ruled the whole night. Yet, this is the best apartment we could afford in a very fast changing places like Delhi. Getting some good rooms within reasonable rent was a good dream here. People don't hesitate to charge as high as they can and deceive strangers. But this cannot be denied because we are informed that thousands of people from near by States enter the capital for one purpose or the other. We are atleast happy to be lucky few to have a good landlord in place of house. Whether we like it or not, the time has to go on and we must fight to survive and learn the lessons. The hardships i suffer here will teach me a lesson in my life and know the value of every little things.

We are all exhausted and took a short break and took our dinner and got off to bed. In my bed i still went back to those places visited and cherished that if i not gone, i would have never known such a nice place on earth. Going back to the places in Shimla led me a very good and sound sleep though the heat was terrible thing. After all it was such a memorable trip not forgetting the hardships we faced during our journey. It was awesome one!!!