Sunday, November 3, 2013

I miss her everyday!!!

Life can be beautiful and it can also be strange and hard at times. Life is not always as expected as roses in beds. Being far from everyone one is my greatest challenge in life i had ever faced. Leaving behind my loved ones and coming to a foreign place is self unforgiving.
Life in Delhi seemed strange in many ways and it would be hard to forget also. I count my days wishing to pass fast but not realizing my days to spent in this world is getting numbered. It seemed to me that i am nothing without anyone and my life had no meaning.

Ever since you were born, life gave me new meaning. I left you half born in your mother's womb but i had no choice. In this ever changing world, there can be no life without a good quantity of educational background. Taking my parent's as a guide to success, i decided to take up studies though you were excited to see this world. Days added by and months ended like those fast driving rivers. The day finally approached for mother to risk her all life to bring you in this world. The sparkling news rang my ears saying you came to this most beautiful world.
Tears rolled down my pale oily cheeks not knowing what to do. It was a tear of uncontrollable happiness and greatest gift from above. The news brightened my room and emotions came out without limitations. I thanked above for sending me such a biggest ever gift and promised to care and love the gift.

The first moment i saw my little daughter tears rolled down my cheeks again. The happiness inside made me hold and stay with my daughter for hours but it was as short as a shooting star in clear dark sky. My pursuance to education always barred me from staying with my sweetest little heart. Time ran without my notice and it always made me ill when i depart from her.
My little heart is really a blessing and a gift from heaven. Indeed even the gods are crying for dropping such a beautiful angel on earth. Every day i see you growing and making so many moves and i miss you every day Pema Yeetsho Seldoen. I miss you every moment and i curse myself for not being able to be beside you.
Though left in far flung place with thousands of miles, yet you are so near to me. I see you everyday with me and you are near to me. I promised myself to remain with you for the rest of my life and to guide you in every decision. My world would be a nasty without you and the world would be a living hell for me. I live very far and i miss you every moment but a life without struggle would mean no charm in life. Where there is no struggle, there cannot be joy. A success man succeeds trying every impossible things and a joy comes from the struggles we face.
At this stage you don't know what i feel but your absence makes me sad and dull every day. My only wish is to bind you, mummy and myself together for the rest of my life. A endless joy and a fruitful relationship. Your father is missing you so much and hoping to be beside you soon. My simple prayer is to stay together and i shall keep nothing and give everything. I miss you my little angel Pema Yeetsho Seldoen and may god bless us and bind us together soon. Daddy always love you and missing you so much!!!


  1. It's good to see you blogging. Moreover, this post of yours is very nice. Keep blogging la!

  2. Thank u Mr. Rikku for ur encouraging words.. I'm very young in blogging so i hope u all will guide me and write me well....

  3. I will definitely help you. But you need to keep writing, and also inspire us through your stories.